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1 We will notify you by phone or by email once your consigned product(s) is(are) sold. Our consignment commission will be 20% included in your consignment price. The minimum consignment commission on each of the successful items sold will be HK$50.00. Item will be displayed in our store.
2 You can come and pick the cheque/cash from our shop after 7 days.
3 All your consigned products should be authentic, in good conditions and not acquired from illegal channel. We prohibit customers to consign any "fake" products with us. We reserve all the rights for claiming any compensation for all losses.
4 Buyer must check all details before paid. All items sold are final. No cash refund will be given under any circumstances.
5 We do not responsible if there is any differentiate while consignor takes back their item(s).
6 Pls. present your ID card or receipt for verification purpose.
  All conditions are subject to change without notice.
1 客人自己定價,在店舖寄賣,成交後收取20%佣金
2 貨品出售後, zembia.com會在馬上email 或來電通知你,你可以在7天後到店收取現金或支票。
3 不收取任何翻版、盜版之商品。zembia.com有權為寄賣之商品作檢驗。如發現任何仿制, 偽造, 必定送官究治。
4 客人必須在購買寄賣商品時檢查清楚, 所有已售貨品均不設退換或更換服務。
5 若寄賣時商品與領回時商品,品質有些微差異的話,zembia.com並不負責。
6 領回款項或商品時請出示單據及身份證明文件,否則本站有權拒絕交出商品 / 款項。